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Developing a TRIZ-based design for flexibility tool for manufacturing facilities


As manufacturers evaluate assets and long-term production plans, they struggle with how best to meet complex building requirements that maximize building flexibility and minimize costs. Research shows that manufacturers highly prioritize facility flexibility. However, infusing flexibility into facility design can be complex and achieving it can be costly. These issues could be mitigated with a dedicated tool for addressing flexibility in facility design. TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) is a problem-solving method that exploits information contained in millions of patents to identify solution genres and standard contradictions to drive inventive design principles. This user-friendly, decision support tool can efficiently reduce the complexity of incorporating flexibility into manufacturing facility design. Using this tool as a platform and incorporating information from fifteen case studies, construction-specific terms were mapped to TRIZ parameters and principles to create a construction industry specific TRIZ contradiction matrix. This paper describes basic TRIZ theory and previous uses in the construction industry. It then discusses industry input and case studies that helped make it construction-specific. Finally, it addresses the modified TRIZ tool’s potential benefits to the construction industry regarding flexibility considerations.


Publication Date: 05/18/2019

Source: Proceedings of the 2019 Institute of Industrial and Structural Engineers (IISE) Conference


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