About Us

The construction industry is on the edge of a fundamental transformation.  As funding for capital investment tightens, project owners are demanding greater value for money and faster time to market from their projects.  At the same time, the projects themselves are becoming more complex, both organizationally and technologically.  Traditional approaches to project delivery that place designers and contractors into separate silos of work are often not agile enough to respond to these environmental and market pressures.  The result is significant waste, loss of value and late or over-budget projects across the industry.  To overcome these challenges, the construction industry must learn to collaborate.

The mission of the Collaborative Project Delivery (CPD) Lab is to conduct innovative and rigorous research on organizational strategies for assembling, managing, and evaluating successful project teams in the construction industry.  We believe that greater collaboration in the project delivery process will improve building system integration and advance a lifecycle-focused vision of project value.  Our research explores alternative forms of project delivery, such as Design-Build and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), project networks formed on the basis of contracts, supply chains, and communication, and team development strategies that enhance the education, experience, and decision-making capability of stakeholders.  The CPD Lab is led by Dr. Bryan Franz, Assistant Professor in the M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management at the University of Florida.