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Success factors for cross-functional teams in the construction industry


The use case for cross-functional teams (CFTs) as a means of improving project performance in the construction industry has increased over the last decade. These types of types of teams are a unique form of organization that can be leveraged in Design-Build (DB) and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). Despite the need for better collaboration in the construction industry, there have been very few studies into how CFTs are formed and maintained over the life of a project. This study addresses this gap by conducting a systematic review of 51 selected peer-reviewed journal publications of CFTs across similar industries, who have a better understanding of these types of teams. For each type of CFT, we use literature to describe its purpose, typical membership and the factors that contribute to its success. From these studies, we identify five frequently cited success factors that have strong applicability to CFTs in the construction industry, including: clear team goals and shared vision, effective leadership, senior management support, human resources, and interpersonal relationships. The findings in this review are expected to provide researchers and practitioners with a set of factors that can aid in the creation of successful cross-functional teams in construction. These factors also provide a starting point to conduct further research on determining how each factor affects project performance in various types of construction projects.


Publication Date: 06/25/2018

Source: Proceedings of the Engineering Project Organization Conference (EPOC) 2018


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