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Maximizing success in integrated projects: An owner’s guide


The Owner’s Guide to Maximizing Success in Integrated Projects is the application of the findings from a robust empirical study of over 200 capital facility projects. Using a variety of statistical methods to model the relationships between project delivery and project success, the primary finding of the study is that owners should consider an overall project delivery strategy when structuring design and construction services, rather than focusing exclusively on the delivery method. By considering how the organizational structure, contract payment terms and team assembly process can work together, owners can develop a larger strategy. In particular, the study finds that those strategies which align the core project team—owner, designers, primary builder and key specialty trades—are more effective in meeting or exceeding their cost, schedule and quality goals. During the implementation phases, the study also finds that higher performing project teams participate in integrated practices and develop into a cohesive group. While the importance of project teams is likely not a surprising insight for those with experience in the construction industry, designing team performance into the delivery process may seem more like random chance than thoughtful strategy. However, the data from this study shows that certain strategies produce repeatable outcomes. Three critical factors emerged for enabling alignment within the core project team: early involvement, qualification driven selection and cost transparency in contracts.


Publication Date: 01/01/2016

Source: Charles Pankow Foundation


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