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Collaborative team procurement for integrated project delivery: A case study


How do project owners select collaborative project teams for IPD projects? The goal of the study is to understand how the workshops may be used by owners to gauge the collaborative potential of competing teams and inform their award decision. A graduate researcher was embedded in the owner’s screening committee to perform observations, along with using structured surveys to the participating firms and semi-structured interviews with the selection committee members. This paper documents the use of an interactive workshop in the final stage of an otherwise traditional design-build team selection process that proves insightful to the screening committee. The processes and criteria employed are embedded in the context of the owner’s experience, culture, and extensive construction program, which are hard to replicate across projects. However, new methods for assessing teams’ level of engagement, focus on customer value, and interdisciplinary interaction are valuable and further methods are needed. This paper serves as an illustrative example for owners to consider when pursuing the selection of collaborative project teams.


Publication Date: 12/31/2017

Source: Lean Construction Journal


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