BCN 4787C - Construction Capstone Project

Course Description

BCN 4787C is a required course for all graduating seniors in the Construction Management program.  The course is separated into three distinct phases: feasibility, pre-construction and construction.  During each phase, students work individually to develop the business case and construction plan for a new project.  In cooperation with the Bergstrom Real Estate Center at UF, students are first exposed to the perspectives of commercial developers.  The course then asks students to apply in parallel, those skills previously learned only in series.  In other words, they must work on several assignments concurrently that are tightly interconnected (e.g., site selection and a financial feasibility analysis, or an estimate and cost-loaded schedule) in practice.  Lastly, students are expected to organize their work into a complete project proposal and make a formal presentation to defend the technical and financial aspects of their project.

Instructional Areas

Upon completion of the course, students will demonstrate their ability to:

  • Formulate the overall design of a project and prepare a 3D virtual model.
  • Perform quantity takeoffs and develop a complete estimate of project costs.
  • Organize the elements of the project into a viable construction work plan and schedule.
  • Set up a project administration system for contracts, a schedule of values and monthly payment applications.
  • Organize, present and defend the technical and financial data of the project.
  • Prepare a project proposal from a commercial development and investment perspective.



No Prerequisites