BCN 3027C - Introduction to Construction Management

Course Description

BCN 3027C is a required course for all incoming juniors in the Construction Management program.  The course is structured to provide a comprehensive overview of the project development process, starting from the owner’s feasibility phase, before moving into design, bidding and award, and the construction phase, and ending with close-out and occupancy.  While the course is delivered primarily through the lens of the contractor, the lectures and assignments emphasize that construction is a team effort.  Understanding the roles of the owner and designer, as well as other players such as regulatory agencies, funders and insurers, provides students with a broader  understanding of where their work fits within the project development process.  In addition, the course exposes students to construction terminology and management concepts that will covered in more depth as they progress through the program.

Instructional Areas

Upon completion of the course, students will demonstrate their ability to:

  • Recognize the nature of the building process, risk, project life cycle, the construction industry and its professional organizations.
  • Describe the roles of the professional constructor, owner, developer, architects, engineer, construction manager, general contractor, subcontractor, and suppliers.
  • Understand the administration of a commercial construction project, including the use of scheduling, estimating and other project controls.
  • Recognize the skills necessary to maximize the effectiveness of their summer internship.
  • Prepare an understanding and awareness of ethical issues in the construction industry.
  • Compose and present on topics related to construction industry and professionalism.
  • Recognize the importance of conflict resolution and negotiations.



No Prerequisites